The Oklahoma Municipal Service Corporation, the business division of the Oklahoma Municipal League has entered into a partnership with the Oklahoma Drug Card Program to help residents offset the rising cost of prescription drugs.

The OML, which is dedicated to promoting effective local government, will work with the Oklahoma Drug Card program to provide specialized local drug cards to the residents of their member cities and towns.

"The Oklahoma Municipal League/Oklahoma Municipal Services Corporation is pleased to be able to partner with the Oklahoma Drug Card Program as yet another benefit for our 461 member cities and towns," said Carolyn Stager, Executive Director for the Oklahoma Municipal provided, the Hominy Fire Department will send a representative to obtain a global position reading at the shelter entrance. The Moore tornado lev- League. "The program provides an option for prescription drugs at a discounted rate that is available to anyone in the community at no charge."

Since launching the card in 2008, the Oklahoma DrugCard has saved Oklahomans more than $10 million.

The average savings per prescription is between 30 and 75 percent, and the card is accepted at more than 56,000 pharmacies across the country.

The statewide prescription assistance program is made possible and funded through the support of pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies.

The Oklahoma Drug Card requires no enrollment forms, restrictions, age or income requirements, eligibility requirements, waiting periods, exclusions, claim forms to file or annual or lifetime limits.

The program also covers pre-existing conditions and includes discounts on brand and generic medications.

The card is completely confidential - no personal information is required.

Participating pharmacies can be found on and include national retailers like CVS, Walgreens and Walmart.

The Oklahoma Drug Card is available to all residents, both insured and uninsured, and may be available at city halls and city libraries OR has given the Oklahoma Drug Card a coveted seal of certification.

For more information, call Joe Willard at (918) 640-9395 or email