Oklahoma Drug Card Media Center

Free Drug Cards for Oklahomans

Discount prescription drug cards are now available to Oklahoma residents online. Residents can download the free cards by visiting www.oklahomadrugcard.com. K-Mart pharmacies have agreed to print out the cards for those without Internet access.

There are no restrictions for membership or how many cards. Any Oklahoma resident, regardless of age and income level, are able to obtain the cards and no application is required. Residents can save up to 75 percent at more than 50,000 national and regional pharmacies, said a press release from the program's director Joe Willard. However, the press release also stated the average savings is around 30 percent.

People who have prescription coverage already can use this free card for non-formulary or non-covered drugs as well. The card can also be used to cover those who do not qualify for publicly funded programs like Medicaid and Medicare.

"This program can help every resident of Oklahoma--help many people so desperately need. We are looking for support from hospitals, doctors' offices and clinics to create public awareness for the program and to help distribute cards to their patients," said Willard in a press release. "We are also encouraging employers to offer the Oklahoma Drug Card program to their employees.

This program is powered by UNA Rx Card, which is a division of United Networks of America.